Meet the Orchestra

Meet the Members of External Combustion Orchestra! 

External Combustion Orchestra is a Steampunk themed musical experience with something for everyone.  The members’ varied backgrounds, the unique combinations of instruments, and the original storytelling combine to make songs that are like ice cream for your ears!  (If your ears liked ice cream)


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Hedera Helix, Musical Mastermind
 (Kelsey) oboe, drums, kazoo, vocals

Our token mad scientist bent on world domination, she’s always coming up with new inventions like the Giant Mechanical Crabs, airship laser cannons, and musical mind control.  She built a robotic drummer who sometimes plays with the band.









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Madame Clarabelle Louisa Paisley (Nikki) flute, bass, ukulele, vocals

Owner and madam of the Boilerplate Saloon. We needed somebody respectable in the group.  After the destruction of her seventh husband, she decided to take a respite from keeping the saloon from burning down and came to help take over the world with us.  She always appreciates a good moustache.








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Master Marcus Antonius Valedictus (Mark) 5 string violin, cello

A retired military officer  who took up natural philosophy.  He navigates the airship and contributes to Giant Mechanical Crab design.  Helped put down the robot uprising against the Raj in 1848.







Stowaway Allie the fiddler


Stowaway Allie (Allie) violin

Stowaway Allie (who may be a mermaid in disguise) was lured aboard our airship due to the copious amount of jellybeans we have in storage. It has yet to be determined if she is actually a mermaid or not, but she does disappear into thin air from time to time. We think we may have seen her playing music with pirates, and Irishmen but have yet to be convinced that our stowaway would stow away on another ship that is clearly not as cool as our airship.

Photos by Chris Hosmann and Chris Repp

Meet Our Minions!



Past members include: Libby Green, Melody Burns, Sarah Hook, Marshall Edwards, Diana Buie