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Steampunk Show Season!

New Shows!

We’re absolutely delighted about the fall schedule we’ve lined up this year!  There is a plethora of opportunities to see us play and recruit new minions including TWO Steampunk festivals!  Labor day weekend is Big River in Hannibal, MO, and in November we’ll be playing Steampunk November in Dallas, TX.  In addition to that, there are two shows lined up for October –  a steampunk art show in Topeka, KS on Oct 22 and back home in Kansas City on Oct 29 we’ll be celebrating Monkey Wrench Clothing reopening in their new location!  Not only that, but we’re also scheming about having an informal jam session at Kansas City Renaissance Festival on their steampunk weekend Sept 24-25.

See our official schedule page for all the details!

New Songs!

We’ve also got new songs and new band members we’re eager to introduce to you all!  Come hear about the wonders of having a fine moustache,  find out where to get everything you need to be an evil genius, and learn the dangers of meddling with Time!  You can get a preview of some of these new songs on YouTube!

Come out for some grand entertainment this fall!

New Members Debut!

At our last shows we had the privilege of debuting two new band members!  At the costume convention Figments and Filaments here in KC and we were very pleased to debut our new violinist, Stowaway Allie!  A few days after our show with the pirates she came up on deck of our airship and said, “Oops, wrong ship!”  We decided to keep her.  Her playing really fills in our sound and makes us even more orchestra-y!

Stowaway Allie - violin

Our other new member debuted at Bits and Bobs in Buhler, KS.  It’s our new robotic drummer, Junkbot!  He’s a young robot, and still learning, so he’s only playing a few songs with us right now, but we expect great things from him in the future!  He’s exceptionally good at keeping a steady consistent rhythm, but sometimes he doesn’t know when to stop.

Junkbot the drum robot

He’s the first of Hedera Helix’s robot army which will be helping us take over the world eventually.  Who knew doom was so adorable?