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Year in Review

It was a busy year for the band!  In 2017 we played shows, wrote songs, and put out our second album -Machines and Monsters!

Machines and Monsters cover

Machines and Mosters cover art

We booked a REAL studio with a REAL sound engineer! It took a lot of time and effort and we’re pretty proud of the results.  If you don’t have  your own copy already, go check it out here!

We also started playing with a new robot drummer this year -Slim!

Our first drum robot, Junkbot, had only two sticks, but Slim has two sticks on the end of each arm plus a bass drum beater for a total of five..  He is controlled remotely via an Android app, rather than with manual switches.  

Time stops for no one (at least so far…) and we’re looking forward to new shows, new music, and new faces in 2018!  Be sure to like our facebook page to keep up to date with the latest info!

Let’s Go!

We’ve got so much going on these days it’s hard to know where to begin!
First of all, our show schedule for the season has shaped up very nicely for the summer and fall.  We’re looking forward to playing the Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita and the Missouri Celtic Festival for the first time and we’re especially excited to be returning to Steampunk November in Dallas!
Check out our schedule!
And if you missed our livestream in April, you can listen here for a bunch of new songs we’ll playing in the future.

Secondly, (speaking of new songs) we’re going to start recording again soon!!  It’s been a while since the first album, and lots has changed since then. We have new members, new instruments, new sounds, new gear, and new ideas!  But don’t worry, we still have the same Steampunk flavor and folk/classical/whatever-we-are style as always.   We can’t wait to get this rolling so we can share the audio goodness with all of you!

And last, but not least, we have a new drummer under construction!  Yes- you read that right. If you’re new to External Combustion Orchestra, you may not have heard that our drummer is a robot.  (He’s not very creative, but SUPER consistent!) Our resident evil genius, Hedera Helix, is building a bigger, better robotic drummer for the band to take the place of the first edition known as Junkbot.  You can read more about the creation of Junkbot here, and be sure to keep an eye out for updates on the new guy! (We’re tentatively calling him “Slim”)

A robot made of a skeleton top with a bass drum bottom

New robot drummer under construction

Schemes and Songs

drum robot - "junkbot"

drum robot version 1

Winter is the time for scheming! If we seem a bit quiet right now, it’s only because we’re plotting our next stages to take over and new songs to take them over with. Where would you like to see us play this year?

We also have some great new music in the works for you featuring stories of airships, trains, a mad scientist’s supply store, betrayal, time travel and robots! All, of course, with our unique musical style to back them up.

Speaking of robots – we are currently training a new band member to play drums. Junkbot the drum robot should be joining us on the occasional song this year! He’s very eager and learns fast – we have high hopes for him!
Be sure to like our facebook page to get the most up to date info!

A Little Help from Our Friends

The members of ECO know a lot of cool people and we want you to have the opportunity to get to know them too!  Here are just a few of the fantastic people and groups we hang with:

marshalWriterImage    Marshall Edwards  – Writer

Marshall wrote several of the songs we play including Trailerpark Vampire, Hard Liquor and You, and Time to Sail Away. Continue reading