Our Minions

Welcome to the Minion Appreciation page!

Here at External Combustion Orchestra, we know good minions are hard to find.  That’s why we want to make sure our minions get the recognition they deserve!

The nefarious scheme…

Monologue time!  Our evil plan is to create a repository of minions in order to keep track of you all and so you can keep track of us and get all the latest and important news!  Soon you can make your own Minion Profile and have all the benefits of ECO minionhood!  Like all the botched batches of Batsnaketoadweedoil Elixir are yours for the drinking!


Connor CyberMinion


rank:  Private First Class Monkey

skills: powder monkey, grease monkey, elixir monkey, cabin monkey, sleepy monkey

bio: Connor came to Steamwork Springs from Ireland during the zombie potato famine, during which he was internally turned into a clockwork boy. Doc is working on external components for him so he can be the clockwork cybermonkey he’s always dreamed about. He happened upon External Combustion Orchestra when he wandered into the Boilerplate Saloon looking hungry and pathetic. Clarabelle took pity on him when he gave her Puss-n-Boots eyes and held up his empty bowl saying, “Please ma’am, I want some more.”

Gavin is Nikki’s son. In addition to his official duties as a minion, he is a Life-ranked Boy Scout, violinist, aspiring mandolin player, and has a goal of working with animals. 


Minion Christopher, aka Personal Band Paparazzi

rank:  Metaminion

skills: photography, hanging from rafters, errands, astronomy, weather

bio: Metaminion can frequently be found hiding behind a camera, or poking his head out of the local TARDIS. Most often he is spied dangling upside down from various structures in order to get his desired shot.




Minion Duane

ranks:  Sergeant

skills: holding down benches, running errands, occasional camera holder


Superfan Minion Madison

rank: Private

skills: following with great persistence and cheering the band with her enthusiasm


Pictures by Chris Repp