A Little Help from Our Friends

The members of ECO know a lot of cool people and we want you to have the opportunity to get to know them too!  Here are just a few of the fantastic people and groups we hang with:

marshalWriterImage    Marshall Edwards  – Writer



Marshall wrote several of the songs we play including Trailerpark Vampire, Hard Liquor and You, and Time to Sail Away.

MWClogo    Monkey Wrench Clothing



Celine Collins hosted our first concert at her fabulous clothing store for steampunk costumes and other fancy duds.  Check out her custom-made corsets!

b&sImage    Bubble & Squeak


A (mostly) Irish traditional band Kelsey also plays with.

cgimage    Clearly Guilty


A Nerd Band Libby also plays with.

musicalBladesImage     Musical Blades



One of our favorite Pirate bands!  Libby and Kelsey have been guest performers on several of their albums.

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