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Scuffle in Steamwork Springs

Our own Hedera Helix is always learning new things in her quest to take over the wor- …. I mean, …better herself through continuing education.  And to this end has been learning programming.  (It will be important for controlling the robots.)   Therefore, as a fun beginner project, she’s been making a text-based game you can play in your browser which is based in our imaginary Steampunk world!  How many bands can say they have a video game, huh? 🙂

Follow the brave Sheriff of Steamwork Springs as he visits people and places in town to prepare to take down the evil Professor Grinder of Grinder Gulch!  You can visit the Boilerplate Saloon, meet Dr Igor, and get yourself equipped with an Arm Cannon before riding into the Gulch for battle.

It’s an ongoing project, so we’ll let you know when there are updates.

See you in Steamwork Springs!